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Some information about this Tool

The PDF Converter can be a planning tool for managers. This is because it saves space and has high compatibility. It is also important to take into account the types of PDF converters on the market so that the files do not change.

The Portable Document Format, more popular as PDF, is used internationally in computer work. This originates because we talk about a safe and simple file to transport. When it comes to printing, its benefits are no different, it gives multiple benefits that accept to fully exploit the efficiency of a continuous ink multifunctional.

By transforming any kind of file to PDF, its appearance will be the same on all media. However, in contrast to printed documents, PDF files have the ability to contain links and buttons. There you can click, make form fields, video and audio. Also programming to do some processes automatically.

All this kind of options to integrate information or not is what all the different varieties of the PDF format think.

There is the PDFx as a PDF converter.

The PDFx format is the standard format for printing on paper. This is an essential point. It is a format that is planned to be reproduced on paper and all the information inside it is necessary and indispensable for that.

The PDFx format is a certified format, that is, when the export development is finished the file is certified to work as estimated. No surprises. If there is any inconvenience in the execution of the format, you will notify us so that we can correct the corresponding errors.

In addition, and this is the most important distinction in relation to the ‘High Quality Printing’ format, it discards all the extra elements that are not necessary for reproduction.

In the ‘High Quality Print’ format, everything in the file is kept in the archive. If we have placed an image at 300 px resolution and we have reduced it by 50% we have an image at 600px resolution, 300 px plus. If we have cut the image with a ‘paste in’, the whole image -even if only a part of it is visualized- will be exported together with the PDF.

With the PDFx this does not happen. The export will remove the unnecessary information, reduce the images with a plus resolution and remove everything that is not essential for reproduction in a print shop, such as metadata, links, video, sound … In addition, if you want, you have the possibility of matching all the color maps to leave the whole file unified.

That’s why a ‘High Quality’ file sometimes takes several megabytes, but at PDFx quality it takes very little. The surplus has been eliminated. That’s one of the advantages of a PDF converter.

Resume of all our PDF Converters

Here you can convert PDF to ANY but we also offer other specific converters which you can find here below.

Make sure to visit them if you are interested in that converters.

PDFx variants

When we export from Illustrator or InDesign we have PDFx-1, PDFx-3, PDFx-4. Their differences are minimal, but they have the possibility of being essential.

PDFx-1 is the basic format for grayscale, CMYK and direct ink paper. That is, the information you will transfer will be that and only that. This, both in CMYK and RGB, since we sometimes care about holding the original info in RGB in case that same file will be viewed online or distributed digitally.

PDFx-4 facilitates all the previous and in addition transparencies and layers of information.

There is also a new PDFx-5 in which you have the possibility of using other people’s images that predict PDFs that will be composed with images linked on the web.

pdf converter

These are the main advantages of the PDF converter


The PDF format can be viewed on any operating system, whether it is a PC or a smartphone. Many software programs work as a PDF reader, although the most common is Adobe Reader. This is free and widely available. Documents in this strange format are going to have some trouble being read.

Speed of printing

The PDF files, leave the original file free of links, videos or sounds inserted and some other ingredient that makes it difficult to read. For this reason, they are processed with greater agility when they enter the print queue. This, added to the agility of continuous ink printers, will boost efficiency in a multifunctional.

Fast files

The documents that have images inside, in most cases have the possibility to increase in numerous MB their size, in particular, if the photographs are in high definition. Transforming to PDF can considerably reduce the volume of a file, without affecting its quality. This is also favorable for sending the file by mail or storing it in the cloud before printing.

Information Security

This aspect is substantial when speaking with sensitive or proprietary information. The PDF format makes it easy to encrypt and use keys for reading, copying, and printing privileges.

When we send a file over the Internet or when we are working in an unprotected network environment, we have the possibility to ensure that our information will not be violated. Security is another feature that differentiates a PDF Converter from other file editing options.

Special for designers

When working on a graphic interface project, we must confirm that the final printed result is correct with the graphic we see on the screen.

Transforming a design to PDF reduces the failures in color matching or some kind of distortion in the image. It is also favorable to send the design to another person.

With a PDF file, we will ensure that no changes are made due to different editions of a program or the lack of unusable typography.

A PDF Converter also shows some advantages

Good data compression. The data compression algorithms work basically loss-free. It may not be as good for graphics, but it is the preferable alternative for contracts, highlight lists, technical documentation, or some other professional-level work.

Free to use. It is difficult to find a particular program to use with DjVu format; on the other hand, all companies have free programs to open and read PDF format. Moreover, if you do not have the right program, you can visit www.adobe.com and make the PDF file directly on the site.

It has the ISO level. PDF has a level for hosting file documentation and bartering information between companies. Some professionals use it for digital document flow systems at a complex level all over the world.

It is considered the most secure format. Several IT professionals claim that the format has special security means to secure information against unauthorized access. There is probably no other format that manages to teach that level of added security. Documentation security has been tested frequently, both by IT professionals and by ordinary individuals. All have affirmed this view.

The abbreviation PDF and Internet. Several individuals assume that the abbreviation PDF is simpler to remember than DjVu. Although the same individuals believe that DjVu is a preferable format for graphic books.

They claim that courses and other types of literature are more widely disseminated in PDF format. Moreover, they know that they have the possibility to open this format without any inconvenience from anywhere.

Why convert documents to PDF?

Compatibility. PDF files can be viewed on any operating system.

The integrity of structure and format. When you transfer or share documents in PDF, through the internet, mail, or direct transfer (as by USB), the elements of composition, format, and characteristics of the documents are saved. This avoids changes in margins, spaces, colors, etc. that can occur when files are moved from one machine to another that are not in PDF format.

File compression. One of the superior benefits of the PDF transformation is that the files can be compressed. When this is done, the volume of the files can be greatly reduced and when a file is smaller, it is simpler to upload and download via the internet/e-mail.

Security and protection. Documents formed in PDF have the possibility of being shared in a more secure way through the internet, for example, things, can be encrypted and keys can be used to deny some habits, among them: limitations for printing, copying, reading, and opening.

pdf converter

As an example, in case of sending samples of work to be printed, a restriction to printing and copying can be used, so one is assured against plagiarism of work that requires intellect as well as designs. An opening restriction may also be useful for the organization of a file of a confidential nature where the key can be communicated with the right person and if the file were to fall into the hands of other people, they would not be able to open it without that key.

Speed in printing service. When you print your documents for printing in PDF, the efficiency with which we can process your work is much greater. All this, since the inconveniences of changes in format, margins, that the documents fit in a single page are basically eliminated.

Four Utilities for transforming PDF files into numerous formats

SmallPDF: This online utility has an immense amount of settings for entering PDF documents. From compressing a PDF, transforming PDF to PowerPoint, Word, Excel, JPG, or the other way around, maintaining the quality of the files. You can also modify, join, split, or rotate the PDF, this way you can add a signature to the file and take care of it. It also makes it easier for instructors to upload their files from the PC, Dropbox, or Google Drive.

PDF2GO: This utility makes it easy for you to modify a PDF file online, adding text, images, or geometric figures. But it also has an image or .doc to PDF converter inside. It makes it easy to upload a PDF and transform it into Word, image, or even a PowerPoint file! This way you can compress PDF files, change volume, sort pages, or remove them.

I Love PDF: It is a very complete utility as SmallPDF, it facilitates to join PDF, split PDF, transform Office documents to PDF, and JPG images to PDF, this and more without obligation to install it or make a registry.

PDF Converter: Another online utility makes it easy to transform PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, this way as to JPG. It is a site with very basic elements, but it will allow you to transform the online PDFs into word and update the content of it

Please visit the official Adobe website and the official Office website.

Try a PDF Converter

Transform documents and images to PDF with this free online PDF converter. You can even take a screenshot of a web site by giving us the Internet address and transform the HTML into PDF. Upload your file and convert it to PDF momentarily. Alternatively, you can enter an internet address and we will convert the file to which the link points.

The online PDF converter can also convert Microsoft Word documents to PDF, as well as several other formats. If you want more prominent settings like rotating, merging, or organizing the pages of your PDF file, you can use this free PDF Editor utility.

Compress any image or PDF to JPG format in seconds

In this day and age, there are millions of files of all kinds stored on our disk entities, files that gradually take up usable space if we don’t optimize that infinite amount of information occasionally.

This consumption is something that becomes fundamentally evident when we talk about the multimedia files that we use at the moment: videos, music, or photos. And it happens that in relation to the type of format that we use for the files that we save in our hosting entities, these will occupy more or less space, with differences in several opportunities between one format and another, very indispensable.

At the same time, and in relation to the type of use that we will have gone to carry out of these files, it will attract us to use one format more than another, since, among other things. By the way, it is not similar a photo that we will use for a professional retouching work than to send it by mail or to send it in communities.