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What is actually a PDF Converter Tool?

A PDF Converter Tool are bascily tools that help you convert your pdf files into other file types. You can do it by your own manually or you can use this tool to make it easier and convert it faster, completely automatic.

I have a question and suggestion, what now?

If you have a question or/and suggestion, you can always contact us and it’s very easily. You just need to go to the contact page, send your question and we will answer you within 72 hours.

How do I use this Tool?

Well, it’s actually very easy to use. You just need to follow the steps and the guide on the website. You are only a few clicks away to convert your files!

Some information about this tool

To transform PDF to Excel would probably take hours. If you choose a professional PDF to Excel converter, it will ensure that the PDF is accurately converted into an Excel sheet without errors.

Today, you can find several PDF to Excel converters on the Internet that has the ability to assist you in transforming a PDF to an Excel file. But it will take you hours to find the one that is most credible for the job at hand.

In order to narrow down your search to a few names, this article has inside the names of the 4 or 5 best PDF to Excel converters you can use online and the 4 top PDF to Excel converters for your PC.

AnyPDFtools, PDF to Excel converter

AnyPDFTools is the most outstanding free online PDF to Excel converter that does not require any registration or fee development to transform your PDF documents into XLS Excel documents. You simply upload the PDF file and transform it into the format you require in a very agile development. The transformation is completed in terms of minutes and you will have your PDF converted to Excel paper in a light and simple way.


  • Free service.
  • 100% reliability and accuracy.
  • Privacy of all converted documents.
  • Data retention and formatting.


This is an online PDF to Excel converter that works without going through any registration development or login after registration. It is as simple as uploading the file and clicking on the Transform link to transform the file into an Excel sheet in terms of minutes.

This PDF converter promises you:

  • Formatting required
  • Order
  • Desing
  • Accuracy

PDF to Excel free online

The PDF to Excel Free Online converter ensures to be 100% free and an efficient and simple way to transform your long PDFs into systematic and organized Excel sheets. You will not need to have any software or create an account to use this converter.

You will only be asked to:

  • Upload a PDF that you want to transform.
  • Enter your email to have the final Excel paper emailed to you.
  • Click on the start link to begin the conversion.


PDFEXCEL is another free transformation program that is usable for individuals to convert their PDF files into Excel sheets in terms of minutes. All you need to do is upload the PDF file and enter your email address so that the final file can be emailed to you when it is complete.

The transformation is completed in a few minutes and the converter has the following features:

  • It provides exceptional quality.
  • Preserves formatting.
  • No errors.
  • Completely free for everyone.
  • Guarantees privacy.

Top four PDF to Excel Desktop Converters

There are several PDF to Excel converters for desktop PCs, as well as free online converters available.

The virtue of using PDF to Excel converters for desktop PCs by means of online converters is that it is usable offline, offers accurate PDF to Excel conversions, helps transform huge PDF files, transforms private or password-protected PDF files, and much more.


PDFelement is a simple to use, Windows 10 compliant, all-in-one PDF editor that interfaces with several popular file types. With professional technology, PDFelement makes it easy for individuals to manage something about PDF files.

As PDF files are more popular due to their portable and extremely secure properties, PDFelement can better secure PDF files with permission, password, and digital signature.


Supports multiple operations on PDF files such as Open, View, Do, Modify, Annotate, Secure, Transform, Manage, Communicate, etc.

Easy to use.

The optional OCR plug-in helps to make PDF documents that can be completely modified with text and images.

  • The best quality of converted Excel files.
  • Affordable and compatible with all O.S., such as Mac, iOS, and Windows 10/8/7, XP. VIEW.
  • Transformation functionality makes it easy to transform PDF into well over 200 formats.
  • All-in-one, highly productive PDF solution. Everyone has the ability to own it.

PDF converter pro

PDF Converter Pro is another affordable high definition PDF converter from GIRDAC Info Technologies. A business application, it helps you transform PDF files into Excel and Word formats.


  • Supports 100 languages for user design
  • Quality of the converted Excel files.
  • Multiple configurations to select and match different formats.


  • Unclear messages due to failures.
  • Restriction in destination areas for converted files.

Nitro Pro

Nitro Pro is simple to use and fits all business sizes. With a full range of properties to support all similar functionality with PDF, it’s among the highest resolution choices for the affordable Adobe converter.


  • Affordable rate.
  • Supports most file formats.
  • Simple to understand and operate.


  • No alternative to embedding audio and video files.
  • No huge files are handled in OCR.
  • It does not work with the latest file formats like EPUB.

Cogniview PDF2xl

PDF2XL from CongniView helps to transform some form of tables in PDF into some other format such as Word, Excel, or a .csv file. The ability to copy and paste data into the clipboard and then paste it into some other application is an extravagance. In simple terms, CogniView PDF2XL is an above-average program for transforming PDF into Excel.


  • Convert multiple files.
  • Supports OCR transformation.
  • Supports image transformation to PDF and vice versa.


  • It does not work with Mac.
  • The quality of the transformation is not up to par.
  • High price.

What are the virtues of using PDF to EXCEL converters

Modifying a PDF file can be a really serious recurring problem for individuals on the Internet. We are talking about one of the most used formats to communicate information and it is widely used by 1) being the result of a digitized physical file and 2) because it is a file that prevents later editions by third parties.

Do you want to get back to your resume and find it in a PDF, but not the original file? Don’t despair. There is no requirement to copy manually or start from zeroes.

If at some point, you have come across these ‘uneditable’ files and have loved using the information and editing it to create another file, you will now know how you can get that data, point by point.

Before taking the information, you should understand what type of PDF you are dealing with.

Visit the official Adobe Reader website.

What’s a native PDF?

A ‘native’ PDF is one that results from a file exported from a matching digital program, such as a.DOC or.XSL file. It is the most accessible format to obtain because it recognizes the letters and numbers of text and numbers within it.

You can recognize it by hovering over the content. If you have the possibility to ‘underline’ the information, we are talking about an original PDF.

If, on the other hand, the PDF is the result of images or documents that were scanned, we are talking about a less ‘friendly’ file.

To deal with a non-original PDF or scanned PDF you will need to use an optical letter and number recognition (OCR) application. It is less accessible because the extraction results have the possibility to change depending on the quality of the image. If the copy is not as clear, the final file may confuse letters or numbers. Discover OCR utilities for working with non-original PDFs.

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Point by point with PDF Native

To use the information from an original format you can choose from one of the following configurations.


In its freeware version, you will be able to obtain information from files, introducing Excel tables, with enormous accuracy.

First, you must create an account in the interface, either with your community account or by creating an exclusive one. Then, the site will provide you with a short tutorial about all its functionalities, but to transform the PDF what you have to do is drag the file you are going to use and load it from your set or import it from a Google Drive or a DropBox.

  1. Then drag the file to the ‘convert’ alternative and choose one of the available transformation formats such as Word, Powerpoint, or Excel.
  2. Click on ‘convert’. When the development is finished the interface will direct you to the hosting part where you will be able to view your PDF and the output format. Click on the final file and download it. Cometdocs gives you a higher of five conversions per week in its freeware version.

Google Drive:

You can use Google’s shared document interface to transform a PDF into a Google Doc.

  1. Import the file to be used in your hosting space on Google Drive.
  2. After uploading, right-click to select the Google Docs alternative.
  3. Even if it takes a little longer than expected, you will find that the file will be opened with a good editing opportunity.
  4. This alternative makes it easier for you to locate some text formats such as italics, bold, or font type, but assuming that the file has tables or is in landscape orientation, the results may not be as optimal.


One of the most popular online interfaces. It’s as easy as logging into the website and ordering your documents to be converted. This alternative among other things makes it easy for the visiting user to split or rearrange pages of your PDF, rotate orientation, or even merge documents.

Upload the file you want to edit. You can select numerous files simultaneously.

  1. In the transformation level, you will get one file for the whole finished file, but you can also choose to export one file for each page of the PDF you are transforming.
  2. Choose the transformation format as DOC, XLS, PPT, RTF, or JPG.
  3. The transformation time is dependent on how heavy your file is. Once the development is done, the final file will be downloaded automatically.
pdf to excel

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Advantages of PDF to Excel Converters

Saving time

The first part of data in a computer system for use in other processes is among the tasks that require much dedication. The automation of this kind of work intends to use this time in more valuable tasks.

Editable documents

As we saw, some text files, even an image, can be transformed into an editable file due to the OCR program. The system also makes it easy to search the text by keywords and to contrast documents.

Scanning of images

As the OCR system scans the entire archive, the images contained in the archive will be scanned in addition and will be able to be used and edited.

Increased efficiency and service quality

By increasing the agility of information processing and removing the opportunity for data entry failures, efficiency is increased, and, more recently, customer service is optimized.

Eliminate physical files

With an OCR system, you can have a digitized and standardized document archive, with accessible information. Thus, in addition to finding a more efficient archive, the space used to store documents is considerably reduced.

Accessibility for people with hearing or visual disabilities

The optical recognition of letters and numbers makes it possible for people with hearing or visual impairments to access documents.

Fast Roi

The use of this kind of resolution is very light and its care is simple, so the return on investment can be seen very soon.

Programmable processing

The processing of the documents can be done manually at any time, or automated and programmed in batches of files.

Removal of confidential information

By accepting the editing of the file, mainly in the situation of PDF documents, confidential information and other “hidden data” can be removed, such as metadata, comments, text layers, markers.

Disadvantages of the OCR system

Image quality: for optimal text recognition, it is a requirement that authentic documents have sufficient quality and resolution. Especially when converting from PDF to Excel.

Handwritten text or unusual fonts: the OCR program has at the moment disadvantages to support correctly handwritten text or unusual fonts.

You have known all about converting files from PDF to Excel and have a great time reading it to learn a little bit about these conversions.

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