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Why should I use this website instead of others?

Well, we offer you the tool completely free and other people are charging for a tool like this. Our tool is always working perfectly, running 24/7 and without bugs or errors. We offer the best quality and without a price.

How can a PDF to JPG converter be free?

Well, we earn money with this because of the advertisements, but we chosen to do it this way, so that the tool stays free and people don’t need to pay.

What is actually a PDF to JPG converter?

A PDF to JPG converter is a tool where you can convert your PDF files into a JPG image automatically with just a few clicks.

Some information about this tool

Sometimes we convert from PDF to JPG and what they bring are viruses. For this reason, we tell you how PDF files are composed, how they are used to spread malicious software. We also analyze examples of malicious PDF documents.

It is very common to find Office pack documents being used in malicious occupations through their macros. Mostly Word and Excel files. However, are these the only documents that become a security risk for our computers? Now, we show how PDF files are used to spread malicious software.

What do PDF files look like?

One of the most widely used formats worldwide for document hosting is PDF. This format is too versatile because it has the ability to integrate various types of content into your documents, such as images, video, audio, 3d models, other documents, scripts, etc. Beyond the fact that this enormous versatility is incredibly useful, it is also maliciously exploited by cybercriminals, who use this kind of file as another means to infect their purposes. In order to better cover malicious PDFs, we will start by learning the basic components of this format.

In its simplest version, it is made up of 4 main parts:

Header: It’s at the beginning of the file and has inside only the edition of the PDF specification it uses.

Body: It has inside all the elements (texts, images, etc) that constitute the file.

Cross-Reference Table (xref): It has inside the position where is all the elements in the internal composition of the file (the address in the binary). This is useful so that it is not essential to go through the whole file to find a specific element.

Trailer: It has inside the position where the Xref table begins and later the end of file indication: %EOF.

An attractive point of this format is that thanks to its composition and performance issues, the files have to be read from the end to the beginning. So one starts by reading the trailer, from there one gets the position of the XRef table and by understanding this position, one can get the position of some object within the archive.

Then, at the time of analyzing them for malicious elements, it is essential to investigate the body part, because it has the elements inside and, assuming that the documents are very large, we have the possibility to exploit the XRef table to find those elements more quickly.

How do malicious PDFs usually work?

While the fluids used by cybercriminals to create malicious PDFs are varied, there are two main “streams”:

Through exploits

Malicious PDF has within it an exploit with the ability to exploit a gateway of insecurity in the software with which the file is opened, often popular as a PDF reader. It should be noted that not all programs show the same insecurities and also one edition of a program has the possibility of being vulnerable and another not.

A sample case of this dynamic is the malicious PDF file analyzed in 2018 by ESET scholars, where it was discovered that it used a zero-day insecurity gate that affected some editions of the usual Adobe Reader and that when exploited it allowed the attacker to perform arbitrary code on the victim remotely.

In this sense, these assaults are usually directed only at individuals of particular versions of a particular program. For this reason, it is favorable to avoid publicly revealing data about the program being used because this kind of information has the potential to be used in the context of a targeted attack (this issue will be discussed in more detail later).

The discovery also suggests that this kind of file is exploiting Microsoft Office’s CVE 2017-11882 insecurity gateway. This insecurity door makes it easy for the attacker to perform arbitrary code as if he were the user using the PC when opening the file. Further analysis showed that the purpose of this file is to exploit the insecurity gate and then download and run other malicious software.

Furthermore, opening files that use the presence of an insecurity gate in the software to read PDF will not present any message, because the exploitation will occur without any obligation of interaction from the user.

PDF in assaults aimed at companies

PDF files are present in the work activity of any office or person offering a service. Whether it is to send or receive lists of products, contracts, services offered, reports, etc., it is common to find PDF files in business environments, which is why they represent a huge opportunity for cybercriminals at the time of targeted attacks.

The difficulty and the dynamics of the assaults that use these files can change as much as the creativity of the aggressor, who can use from a generic PDF sent in a massive way to all the employees of a company to a carefully written PDF addressed to a specific employee of a specific sector.

Thus, among other things, an attacker could assemble a file setting out requirements for the work stipulation of service and send it to the sales area, waiting for them to open the file to see if they have a chance of pleasing the requirements of the “potential customer”.

As we have seen previously, several malicious PDFs use exploits that exploit insecurities in PDF laws. These insecurities are usually only present in certain editions of the products, so an exploit may be useful for one edition, but not always for another.

Therefore, before publishing an attack, the cybercriminal must catalogue information about the systems and products he uses for his purpose in order to increase their accuracy and effectiveness.

What else to consider about PDF to JPG and malwares

Here again, PDF files come into play, but those that are legitimately produced by the organization being attacked. When a PDF file is created, it usually contains metadata that provides information about many things, including the software with which it was developed and also, on several occasions, the OS where that program was run.

Then, an attacker could look for the public PDFs of the organization he is planning to attack and also pretend to be a client to get PDF documents shaped exclusively for him.

Once the files are obtained, he can obtain the metadata of these to get information about the program used and, attached with its version, check if it can be exploited through some door of insecurity. For this reason, it is advisable to be careful with the metadata included in public documents, trying to integrate the least amount of information possible.

In conclusion, this file format has a lot of potential to be used with malicious purposes, either by means of an attachment or by means of an exploit. Therefore, when using them, it is considerable to handle them with prudence and use good security practices:

In the situation of producing files in this format

Clean any kind of metadata that gives an indication of the edition of the program with which the file was generated, of the O.S., of the user, etc.

This reduces the danger of an attacker getting information that can be used to plan a targeted attack.

pdf to jpg

Visit our PDF to PNG converter.

In case of opening PDF files

It is essential to have some security products with the ability to investigate and stop this kind of threat, mainly in those gadgets in which information is exchanged with users and unknown people because it is impossible to check the reliability of the issuer of the documents.

If the program used to open the PDF displays a form asking if we want to open, perform or turn on any occupation of the mentioned file, it may be malicious and it is convenient to check its legitimacy.

Make sure that the program used to view these documents is updated to the latest version. This will reduce the danger of becoming a victim of a PDF file with an exploit in it.

PDF to JPG converter: a portable satisfaction to transform files

Do you find it difficult to open a PDF file, because it is heavy or has other drawbacks?

There’s an easy satisfaction to that. Transform your PDF to JPG and you’re done!

PDF files are huge for packing images and text documents together. They require a plug-in or external application to work. Browsers have built-in the skills to view images, but PDF documents require Adobe Acrobat Reader. In it; know about Adobe Acrobat, it is unfeasible to open a PDF file.

However, there is nothing to worry about because a PDF to JPG converter online can solve your problem. With this PDF converter, you can transform PDF to JPG in just a moment. Don’t know how to convert PDF to JPG? read on!

JPG format: why does the whole planet choose PDF to online image converter?

The JPG or JPEG format is often used to save photos and images. JPEG stands for Joint Photographic Expert Group. The JPEG format can be used in two main categories. First of all, it is the JPEG / Exif format used by digital cameras to save and capture photos. The second category is the JFIF / JPEG format used to save and move the image. JPEG is a level format for photo and image compression.

It works really well for complex images. It is not perfect for images with solid text or lines. The JPEG format is exceptionally portable and suitable for every image processing application.

This PDF converter assists you in transforming PDF with the image. You can view this image with an image processing application without any problems. We also provide JPG transformation utility for PDF and it’s incredibly free.

After transforming your PDF to PNG,

You have the possibility to have the converted images printed. It’s simple to compress and shrink the volume of JPG images. This format is correct for transferring images over the Internet with minimal bandwidth.

You can compress a JPG image to about 5% of its original size. Compression will provide you with the ability to change more images in a limited space. A PDF line to the JPG converter can help you keep your documents confidential. Each uploaded file is automatically discarded from our servers.

In addition, the layout and content of your file can be checked without any obligation to open your file.

Sometimes, you can count on us to communicate your resume, scan study, or grant a PNG or JPG edition. In this circumstance, our free online PDF to JPG converter utility can assist you. On the planet of technology, at this time the word to PDF is also accessible to change the file format.

A simple way to get PDF images

Sometimes a PDF file has many images and graphics inside. It is impossible to copy these images from a PDF file. You have the possibility to do this with the support of an online PDF to JPG converter.

This utility will transform the whole file into an editable format. After transforming your file, it will be simple for you to drive images. This converter can make your story easier!

Why do you need a PDF to image converter?

PDF is a protected format for communicating your documents with many people. Experts choose this format to upload their key documents without any difficulty of copying or hardening.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to drive this format. In this circumstance, a converter will provide you with assistance in changing the format of a file. If you have a password-protected file, simply upload it to the free PDF converter and get your JPG images.

Some students have to add information about the PDF file to their display. They have the possibility to get editable images to elaborate on their exhibition and assignments online. JPG transformation online is a simple satisfaction for the whole planet.

It is simple to find a free utility to conduct the transformation of numerous PDF files. Consider also PDF to Word converter to change the format of the files.

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