Frequently Asked Questions:

How does the PDF to PPT Converter Tool work?

This Tool works actually very simple. You just need to follow the steps on the website and you will see that with a few clicks, you can convert your files.

Why is this tool useful?

This tool is extremely useful, because a lot of people want to convert their PDF to PPT files but it’s hard to do it manually, so this tool will do it for you automatically.

I have a question or suggestions, what do I have to do?

If you have a question or suggestion, you can always send it to us and we’ll have a look to it. Just send it on the contact page and we’ll answer you within 72 hours.

Some information about this tool

You can have a PDF to PPT done very quickly. Nowadays, files in portable file format (PDF) are a great way to highlight information to an audience. This kind of file makes it easy for you to use both text and images to communicate a message.

Unfortunately, if you’re doing a screen display there’s no way to directly locate a PDF in PowerPoint. On the other hand, an easy way to do this is to convert your PDF into an image file. This is simple to do and then you can place it in PowerPoint.

Why use an online file converter?

The enormous versatility of computers to make all kinds of files means that there are a huge number of extensions and therefore different formats.

However, when playing these, not all gadgets have the ability to read all formats. This is exactly why it is essential to use a converter.

What does a file converter do?

A converter is a utility that facilitates, among other things, to change the extension to an audio file so that we have the possibility to play it in our portable gadget without any inconvenience.

Due to the use of a converter, we are sure that all the files we have will be able to play them in some gadget, because we will only have to understand which is the extension that it allows and, then, transform the file.

At this time when you are going to spend more time at home, a converter will let you get much more out of the files they send you, whether for leisure or for study.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter in which extension they pass it to you, independently if it uses an O.S. or another one because with one of these converters you will have the possibility to adapt it very well.

The virtues of having it online

An online converter is a converter that carries out these conversions from a website. In this situation, online converters such as converter.es, are perfect utilities that we have the possibility to take advantage of because it has many more virtues than an offline converter.

The main virtue of these online converters is their simplicity of use. This way, you only have to upload the file you want to transform to the converter, select the output format and you will have the possibility to download the new file with the format you have chosen.

This is a great advantage because you do not have to download a program, pay for a license, or have to make an installation development. In this way, you will not be installing anything on your PC that you do not want, because all the development will be carried out online, without any interaction with the files on your PC.

This development is much more attractive because, among other things, some offline converters have some conditions of use associated, such as asking you to install a certain taskbar or use a specific browser.

All this means that your PC ends up filling up with all kinds of unfriendly files that will hinder its performance by slowing it down.

Performing these conversions by means of an online converter will prevent us from having to leave space on our hard disk for the installation of the converter, with the dangers that everything implies.

Besides, it is an efficient way to be able to transform a file, because by not requiring anything installed you will have the possibility to perform this transformation from any PC you connect to. It will be enough to enter the converter’s website online to perform the transformation in the simplest way.

Solutions for importing PDF to PPT

You don’t need to understand everything about technology to do some spectacular things in Microsoft Office products, nor do you need to understand development to work with them.

When doing work on your display, you may have had the need to import a PDF file into PowerPoint.

If you don’t already know, we’ll talk about that, plus a spectacular utility that will take your display to another level – complex things made simple! You’ll just have to deal with several clicks.

How to import PDF to PPT

Please keep in mind that it can get a little difficult if you are dealing with a PDF file of well over a page, or if you are using regular online utilities. If you follow the correct development below, you will be able to insert a PDF file of only one page – let’s see how it’s done!

Step 1. Open Microsoft PowerPoint

Open your PPT file with Microsoft PowerPoint on your PC, then locate the menu bar and select “Insert”, then “Object”. Right now, a window will pop up to insert the object.

Step 2. Import a PDF file into a PPT file

At this point, click on “Create from file” and then the “Open” link. Choose the PDF file you want to import from your PC and click “Ok”. Your PDF file will be inserted into today’s page of the PPT file.

How to transform a PDF to PPT file

If you want all your pages of the PDF file to be converted to PPT, then you will have to use a PDF to PPT converter.

This is not going to be a problem since there are many settings available on the internet, the preferable one being PDFelement (PDFelement for Mac), which is a professional, high-definition, and inexpensive utility. It can transform PDF files into different Microsoft Office documents, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more.

– You can transform password-protected documents into some format.

– Simple to use and deductible interface.

– This satisfaction applies to some businesses since samples from the background of the business.

– Maintains original layout, which is a difficult purpose when transforming PDF files to PPT.

– It can transform scanned PDF files into fully editable files.

– Processing groups for PDF documents. Upload a huge amount of files and convert them to XLS, Word, HTML, and more.

Step 1. Open PDF file

Click on the “Open” link in the start window and import your PDF file into PDFelement. There are also more converters such as ILovePDF and Smallpdf.

Step 2. Convert the PDF file to PowerPoint

At this point, go to the “Home” tab and select “To PPT” from the menu bar. You will see a unique window where you can adjust the settings as much as you want. Click on “convert” when you are done. Your PowerPoint file will be ready in a few seconds.

Files stored in Portable Document Format (PDF) have many virtues. PDF files are less simple to modify than Microsoft Word documents and will maintain their formatting and facade regardless of what program is used to open them.

Your Microsoft Word file may display well in “Print Preview”, but if you send it to a PC with a different word processor, it may not decode it correctly. The file that appears in the “Preview” can be easily stored as a PDF, so you don’t have to worry about edits in your work format.

Transforming and storing your files and documents in PDF format has many virtues. One of them is that this kind of file can be easily opened in some gadgets.

You may already know that it is very simple to transform files from Word to PDF. But can you transform and store files and screenshots from PowerPoint to PDF? The answer is yes.

Using the same Microsoft Office apps, you can enter configurations that accept us to change the format and transform our files.

In PowerPoint, there are two settings that will help you. These settings are accessible in the 2010 and later editions of Microsoft Office and PowerPoint products.

Convert PowerPoint screens to PDF from the “save as” menu

When you transform a file or a PowerPoint screen display into a PDF, it is no longer possible to change the format or layout.

That’s why you will have the possibility to see your file in some gadgets without having to have PowerPoint but you won’t have the possibility to edit it to make any changes.

The simplest and lightest way to achieve this is to create a copy of your screens in PDF format. To do this, open your screen file in Microsoft PowerPoint and go to the “File” tab of the window. In the menu select the alternative “Save as”.

In this window, choose the location where your PDF file will be saved. You can also change the name in the text box “Filename”. Then click on “File Type” and from the drop-down list choose the alternative “PDF (*.PDF)”. When you are done, click on the “Save” link.

You’re done! Your screens will be saved as a PDF file. You can verify this by searching for it in the location you chose to save it. But this is not the only way.

Convert PowerPoint Screens to PDF from the Export Menu

The other alternative for transforming files and screens to PDF in PowerPoint is through the “Export” menu.

To do this, you must enter Microsoft PowerPoint and open the display you wish to transform and store as a PDF. In the “File” tab at the top left of the window, choose the “Export” alternative.

Within this window, we offer to click on the alternative “Create PDF/XPS file” and now click on the link “Create PDF or XPS”. A dialog box will open and inside we must choose a location to store the file on the computer.

In addition, we have the possibility to write another name for the PDF file to be generated.

After that, we offer to click on “Accept” and ending on the link “Publish”. And that’s it! A PDF file will be created with your screens. On the other hand, you can also change the way your final PDF file will look with the settings given in the “Publish as PDF or XPS” dialog.

pdf to ppt

Options in the “Publish as PDF or XPS” dialog box

Before you offer to click on the “Publish” link you can change some parameters according to what you need for your PDF file. Under “Optimize for”, you can check the alternative of your choice:

Standard: To make the PDF file of higher quality, assuming you want to print it, among other things.

Minimum size: Decreases the quality of the file and makes it easier to make it smaller, this alternative is useful if you want to add the PDF to an email.

On the other hand, by clicking the “Options” link you will have other choices for changing the transformation of the PowerPoint file to PDF.

Interval or Range: It makes it easy to choose which screens to convert to PDF. You have the choice to be all of them, today’s slide, or to set a range to transform and store particular slides.

What you want to publish: Makes it easy to choose which elements of the exhibit will be saved as a PDF. They can be screens, comments, handouts, or outline views. You can even choose the number of screens per page and the page orientation (portrait – landscape).

Once you have all the correct settings selected, you are ready to click on “OK” and “Publish”. The software will generate a PDF file with all the information you chose and ready to use it as you wish.

Now that you know how to transform and store files and screenshots from PowerPoint to PDF, don’t waste time downloading transformation programs – get your PDF display simple and fast!

Go and check our other PDF Converters, for example PDF to PPT.

How to transform a PDF to PPT in seconds

Transforming the Portable File Format is a simple task if your mobile gadget or PC is connected to the internet. And using a cloud-based converter saves you time and money.

There is no requirement to download or arrange anything. Nor does it require familiarity with a difficult utility kit. Simply open, import, convert, and save. When you convert your file, you will see the positive results of your display.

PPTs help make the displays more interactive and improve the quality of the listeners. Among other things, one can add audio and video effects or animation to a display for elements that have the possibility to be shown on each page. You can do all these things:

  • First, the user opens the website.
  • The file is loaded in the online interface.
  • The transformation development is carried out.
  • Save the final edition of the file to your PC or cloud.
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