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What is a PDF to Word Converter?

A PDF to Word Converter is a Tool where you can convert all your PDF files to Word with just one click. It’s totally free, fast and easy to use.

How does it work?

It’s actually very easy, so everyone can use this Tool. You just need to follow all the steps and you will be able to convert your PDF to Word files.

What if I need support or have a question about this converter?

You can always contact us by going to the contact section or page and we will answer your question within 72 hours.

Some information about this tool

PDF to Word is another similar utility you can use to transform a PDF file into Word. There are several on the market. Among them, the Sun PDF Import Extension.

You can also choose for Free PDF to Word Converter. This makes it easy to transform some documents for free. This gives the opportunity to convert a total of 5 PDF pages for free.

The best alternative to transform PDF to Word

One of the most widely used options available today to transform a PDF file into a Word file is to use the utilities provided by Google. All this, as long as we are members of Google.

PDFs are a portable file format, created with the aim of making it easier to exchange files between different computers and Windows, Linux or Mac OS. PDF files gained popularity when individuals noticed how simple it was to share and print them.

As the PDF format became more popular with individuals, the need for a PDF to Word editor or converter developed. This is because Word is one of the most popular and widely used word processors in the world.

By means of this need, there are different apps for that purpose, some with restrictions others you pay, on the other hand, in this article you are going to discover the superior free apps to transform PDF to Word this 2020.

Best free PDF-to-Word converters

It is worth mentioning that an incredible free PDF to Word converter facilitates editing documents into Word files with the opportunity to edit them in a simple way, without any specialized program, and always maintaining the original format.

Wps PDF to Word converter

WPS PDF to Word Converter is an amazing alternative to quickly transforming PDF files into Word. In addition, it has the virtue of being able to transform batches of files without inconvenience and save their original formatting.

In addition, you will have the possibility of using the converter for free in Windows OS, in Android gadgets, but if you do not want to have anything as a whole, you will have the alternative of using the online edition.

It is normal to find converters that modify images, tables and also fonts when doing the action, on the other hand, with this tool will not occur that inconvenience.

One of the virtues of WPS PDF to Word Converter is being able to select the pages you want to transform, giving it the order you want and at the time of export you will have the possibility to choose in different formats, all this without modifying the original file.

Wondershare PDFelement

This free PDF-to-Word converter has very striking properties, making it one of the top converters. With Wondershare PDFElement you have the possibility to make, transform, modify and actually sign PDF documents.

The application is multi-interface, whether for Windows, Mac, Android or iOS, you will have the possibility to transform your files, in a light and simple way. Wondershare PDFElement has a word processor very similar to MS Word, providing greater control when changing a text or an image.

You will have the virtue of inserting comments in some part of the file, have another person review the file once it is finished and send it or share it with the final person. One of the most attractive features of the converter is to be able to encode some page, or text in particular of a file, that only people with the credentials will be able to access that information.

pdf to word

Nitro PDF to Word converter

With Nitro PDF Converter you’ll have the ability to upload batches of files without any hassle, but the final file will be emailed, which means it’s essential to provide an email to receive it within seconds.

Regardless of having an incredible working platform, which is very deductible, simple to use, agile and credible, it has a 14-day trial version and is only usable for Windows OS, which is a very negative point.

On the other hand, if you enjoy Nitro PDF Converter and have different emails, you’ll have the option of having several individuals, which suggests you’ll need to make a new user at the end of your trial period.


If you care about your personal information, don’t enjoy leaving your mail everywhere, or uploading company and personal files to online converters, UniPDF is an incredible alternative for you.

This utility is mainly created for Windows individuals, and being a local application you will avoid those annoying loading inconveniences, something normal in online converters, and of course, you will be safer when working with private documents.

But not everything is special in this application since, at the time of loading a PDF file with many images, it is feasible that some of them have been modified from their place compared to the original. That’s why it’s suggested to use UniPDF especially if you work with documents with few or no images.

Free online OCR

Free Online OCR, as the name says is a free online interface, where you have the possibility to transform all the PDF files to Word you want. Your job is to get the text from the PDF documents and then transform it into a Word file.

When the transformation is finished, the interface will provide a link from which you will have the possibility to download the file and since it is an incredible online application, it is available to everyone O.S., whether they are laptops, computers, or Smartphones.

The virtue of providing a link to the transformation makes the use of it much simpler and safer since you will not have the need to register with your mail in the interface to receive the file.

Free Online OCR is designed primarily for the transformation of documents with images, the interface does an incredible job of holding the formatting and text of the converted documents, in fact, it accurately captures headers and footers.

On the other hand, the interface has a weak point and most of it is that the instant you catch written content with a background color, it results in the loss of the written content, plus it leaves blank spaces, page breaks, and also non-existent lines. Regardless of this, it is no longer one of the top converters of the current year since it fulfills the simple tasks requested.

Some recurring questions

Convert Word to PDF online

Having a program on your PC involves some dangers. Malicious software and viruses are always waiting for a chance to get in. Mobile apps seem safer, but usually integrate annoying warnings or suspicious access to the phone.

Why should I convert?

The PDF file format shows several virtues. It maintains the style and therefore keeps the look when printed or shared. It is very consistent, and there are accessible legends on all computer systems, phones, and also electronic legends. Exploit these and many more virtues by using a security PDF converter.

Secure PDF Converter

Uploading your Word file for conversion to PDF has never been safer. We make sure your file is safe every step of the way. Besides, we don’t get any rights on your file, it’s yours and yours alone.

What formats can I convert to?

These PDF converters are perfected in converting Word to PDF, but that’s not their limit! With DOC and DOCX, you can convert other text documents, samples, and even images!

For example:

ODT, RTF, TXT, Microsoft PowerPoint PPT, JPG, PNG, GIF, and much, much more.

Convert to PDF to Word Online

You have no restrictions on your computer! You can use a PDF converter online. Therefore, you can use the service from any PC, at home or at work, and even on vacation!

Please use more of our tools, just click here.

Steps to convert from PDF to Word

To do this, we will use the settings offered by Google Drive. For this, we must have logged into Google with our user account. Then we do these steps.

Step 1: Open the Google Drive window and click on “My Drive” to display the menu. There, we must click on the item “Upload files”.

Step 2: Now we select in the window the PDF file we want to transform and then click on open. We must wait a few seconds for the PDF file to be uploaded to our Google Drive.

Step 3: When the PDF file is already in our Drive, then click on it with the right link of the mouse. As a result, a new menu will be displayed.

Step 4: In the menu, click on the item “Open with”, and then choose “Google Documents”.

Step 5: A unique tab will be displayed where the content of the PDF file will be presented to us in file format. There, we must store as DOC, for which we click on “File” and then on “Rename” to change the extension.PDF to.DOC.

Step 6: The file will be automatically saved in our Drive. The next step is to download it. To do this, just click on the file with the extension.DOC with the right mouse link. Then, click on the “Download” item.

Other configurations to transform PDF to Word

There are many different configurations to transform a PDF file into a Word file. Nevertheless, beyond the fact that one of the most superior to our method is through the Google Drive service. All this, thanks to the wide compatibility of files and formats, the truth is that Word individuals who have the latest version of the application do not need any external utility for this work.

Having the latest version of Microsoft Word on our PC, we have the possibility to transform a PDF file into a Word file in the following way.

1: Take the PDF file that you want to transform and click on it with the right link of the mouse.

2: In the context menu click on the item “Open with” and from the settings select “Open with Word”.

3: The Word application will be opened with the PDF file already converted to Word, so when we have carried out the edition we want, we must store the new file in the same way that we save Word documents.

Then you can make other adjustments, such as optimizing the PDF document and preferably keeping it in a reduced size.

This is especially useful when your email provider or your favorite online tool only allows you to upload documents with small storage size. The “Options” tab also allows you to encrypt PDF documents.

pdf to word

Do you want to store and send a Word file in PDF format?

This has several virtues since PDF files are compact, can be opened and edited on most systems (with the assistance of the corresponding free utilities), and, in contrast to Word documents, do not show any drawbacks in terms of compatibility and formatting.

Similarly, the design and appearance of a PDF file are unchanged after sending, which does not tend to be the case with MS Word (.doc), because the recipient could resort to other editions of the written content processor or other utilities such as OpenOffice to open the file and, consequently, format changes would occur.

In relation to the representation of images and fonts, in Word, they also have the possibility of adversity. On the other hand, when opening PDF files, they always look the same, since the original format remains unchanged.

The PDF format is basically useful when sending documents to be printed since they are copied as they are detailed in the PDF files. Similarly, PDF documents can be password protected to prevent them from being edited or to prevent unauthorized persons from making changes or only certain edits.

In addition, you can define who has permission to open the files or to print them. Unlike Word documents, PDF files offer greater control over their subsequent monitoring and input.

You can get Adobe Reader by clicking here.

How to convert Word documents to PDF with the “Save As” feature in Word

A simple opportunity to transform Word into PDF is provided by the “Save As” functionality within the editions published since 2007. Click the “File” tab and then “Save As”.

If you choose this alternative, you can enter the key in a new dialog box and then open the file. This procedure is not very time-consuming and is more than sufficient for most individuals.

On the other hand, the settings in Word are limited, so that, among other things, only finished documents can be password-protected, but particular functions cannot be blocked. Similarly, the PDF file developed through this procedure usually needs more hosting space than the primary one.

If you want to have more control over your final PDF file it is advisable to use a particular utility. If you are looking for a simple satisfaction to move from Word to PDF, the Word capability described above is quite sufficient.

Textedit (Macs)

If you’re looking for a Word to PDF converter for the Mac, you can use the pre-installed TextEdit utility. Open the expected file with TextEdit. On the “File” tab, there is also the “Print” option.

In the dialog box that opens you can click on “PDF” to enter a context menu that makes it easy to secure PDF documents, but also to fax or mail them. If you want to encrypt your files, you can “export” the documents via the “File” tab, which gives you different encryption options.

Since Mac computers already come with this utility as standard, there is less PDF conversion software available for this type of system than for Windows. However, the paid PDF converters of Adobe Acrobat propose the corresponding settings, but the occupation goes far beyond the easy transformation, which makes the value of these utilities more expensive. For easy file transformation, it is enough with the free utility TextEdit.

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